AI Art - To Use or Not Use

A 40 second read:

At the heart of AI art, a question lingers. Is it copying or interpreting? Is it capable of truly being creative? Can it create non derivative paintings? As Steve Jobs said: "Good artists copy and great artists steal." So even if AI is copying does it matter or not? But most importantly for the Interior Designer the question is, can it create non-derivative decorative art for my client?

To state it simply. If you ask DALL-E (An AI Image Generator) to generate an oil painting with a rich color story it will do exactly that. So, does it know something about what makes a great decorative painting? The answer is, yes.

It does not matter if it is copying because it produces a painting within a range of complexity based on your direction or command. It is only as capable or derivative as the one who is commanding it.

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